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  1. Wow! Well,Christmas took me by surprise!

    The great thing about starting out in a new business venture is learning how to manage the daily challenges that come along with it, accepting that you'll make mistakes and things won't always go to plan, but using it all as a learning curve to help you improve and be more confident in the future!

    I honestly hadn't appreciated just how busy the Christmas period would be for me, not just in terms of sales, but also making and ordering enough stock to fulfil my commitments to the online shop and also the Christmas Fayres and Markets I had booked into.

    I spent lots of late nights and any spare time I had making products to sell,but can honestly say it was well worth it for the positive response I received from happy customers! This year I've vowed to start preperation even earlier!!

  2. In the last few weeks I have been busy searching for new products to add to the Wicker Hearts website and am really excited to be adding East Of India to my online shop!

    East Of India have been working with Artisans in Asia for more than twenty years, who produce beautiful handmade products that make stunning gifts for every occasion.They are also passionate about their impact on the environment and I am delighted to have been accepted as a stockist! As you will see their products are unique and I also use their gorgeous ribbons to embellish the Keepsake Boxes and Cards to give a special finish. 

    East Of India are just one of the gift companies I hope to be visiting at the forthcoming Autumn Trade Fair at the N.E.C in Birmingham at the start of September. I'll be hoping to make some new contacts and browsing for the all important Christmas Season!

    Sarah x